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The Contemporary Carnival Glass website is dedicated to the further education of collectible contemporary carnival glass. Although the website's main focus will be on contemporary carnival, you will find articles on other types of glass as well.

This is one web site you will want to be a part of. Before you buy or sell that next piece of contemporary carnival glass you will want to subscribe to the Contemporary Carnival Glass Web Site to do your research. This site includes many different manufactures that produced glass from the late 1950s up until today. There are value guides and pictures to help identify just what you have. Plus lots of articles on rarities in the contemporary carnival glass.

We often wonder what something is worth. As dealers, and as collectors - its a question we ask ourselves with each purchase we make. We buy books, subscribe to auction catalogs, attend shows and try our hardest to follow the "Market".  The Contemporary Carnival Glass Web-site brings you:

  • Hundreds of articles on contemporary carnival glass rarities by glass companies such as Fenton, Imperial, Westmoreland, St.Clair, Deganhart, Robert Hansen, Gibson Glass, Wetzel, Terry Crider, LE Smith, LG Wright, Indiana Glass and the New Northwood Art Glass Company.
  • Pattern identification, trade marks, and values on your contemporary carnival glassware.
  • Articles on famous carnival glass personalities.
    "Rose Presznick","Dorothy Taylor", "E. Ward Russell".....



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