Fenton Glass / The 1980s Decade
Edited by James Measell

The latest of 4 volumes in the Fenton Glass series, this book illustrates in beautiful color more than 1,000 items produced between 1980 and 1990. Prepared in full cooperation with Fenton Art Glass Company, the text conveys fascinating details on the people and events that made the 1980s one of the most exciting decades in the firm's 100-year history. Coverage is given to the Artist's Series, Connoisseur Collection, Designer Series, Limited Edition collectibles for Mother's Day and Christmas, sandcarved merchandise, Katja, and American Legacy. The relationship between Fenton Glass and QVC in the 1980s are pictured. Glass made as "special orders" for Levay and souvenir items for many glass collector's clubs are also shown. An essential book for informed collectors of Fenton Art Glass.

176 pages, 80 in color, 8 1/2" x 11" / With abridged price guide, listing items shown in color.
Fenton Glass: The 1980s Decade Comprehensive Price Guide
This 48-page value guide prices all items shown in the Fenton Glass: The 1980s Decade------pieces in the black and white catalog reprints in addition to those in color. Large print and easy to follow.

Fenton Glass / The First Twenty-Five Years (1907-1932)
William Heacock

144 pages, 72 in color, 8 1/2" x 11"
The First Twenty-Five years Comprehensive price guide (64 pages, Compiled by Robert Eaton, Jr.) $12.95, Item #4079AP

Fenton Glass / The Second Twenty-Five Years (1930-1955)
William Heacock

155 pages, 56 in color, 8 !/2" x 11"
The Second Twenty-Five years Comprehensive price guide (118 pages, Compiled by Robert Eaton, Jr.) $12.95, Item #4075AP

Fenton Glass / The Third Twenty-Five Years (1956-1980)
William Heacock / Edited by Frank Fenton and James Measell

160 pages in color, 8 1/2" x 11"
The Third Twenty-Five years Comprehensive price guide (45 pages, Compiled by the members of the Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America) $12.95, Item #0945AP

Fenton Art Glass, 1907 to 1939
Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer

This important resource is the ultimate collector's guide to the Fenton Art Glass Company and the multitude of items it produced from 1907 to 1939. There are thousands of pieces shown in full color, full page, detailed photos in conjunction with many intriguing original catalog reprints. Written by experienced authors in the field, it is well researched and holds great insight from Frank Fenton, who also provided his historical information, company records, and more. Categories included are early pattern and opalescent glassware, peach blow glassware, carnival glass, stretch glass, off-hand art glass, non-iridescent opaque and transparent glass of the 1920s and 1930s, tableware and satin glass patterns of the 1930s, and miscellaneous novelty items. Of special to collectors, this beautiful book uncovers many secrets of the Fenton carnival and stretch glass.

272 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

The L.G. Wright Glass Company
James Measell and W.C. "Red" Roetteis

For over 60 years, the L.G. Wright Glass Company has conducted its business from New Martinsville, W.Va. Yet this firm remained virtually unknown to glass collectors. At last, this company's story can be fully told. The authors--glass historian James Measell and Wright salesman W.C. "Red" Roetteis--have had complete access to the company archives--from the first checkbook and the earliest customer invoices to the most recent catalog sheets and interviews with past and present employees. Here is a full portrait of L.G. "Si" Wright and his company. Over 1800 pieces of glass are pictured---cranberry, Vaseline, ruby, Peach Blow, and more--including color photos from original sales portfolio. Through the years, L.G. Wright glass has been made by Fenton, Fostoria, Viking, Westmoreland, and others.

192 pages, 80 in color, 8 1/2" x 11", with price guide

Imperial Glass Encyclopedia Volume I, A-Cane
National Imperial Glass Collector's Society, Edited by James Measell

Imperial Glass produced millions of items, many unattributed by collectors today. Imperial did it all---blowing, pressing, citing, etching, and more. This first volume is packed with information and photos featuring art glass, animal figurines, covered dishes, and patterns whose names begin with A, B, and C (through "Cane," including Candlewick). Two additional volumes are coming soon.

208 pages, 64 in color, 8 1/2" x 11" / With price guide in book.

Imperial Glass Encyclopedia Volume II, Cape Cod - L
National Imperial Glass Collector's Society, Edited by James Measell

Major topics within this volume's alphabetical range include Cape Cod (No. 160) Caramel Slag, Carnival Glass (old & new), Cathay, Free Hand, Ice (stretch glass) , Lace Edge, and Lead Lustre. Hundreds of other subjects are covered in depth---patterns (Early American Hobnail and other Depression-era wares), colors (Golden Green), shapes (gas globes and shades), etchings ( Garden Arbor), and limited editions (Christmas Plates)----to name just a few.

272 pages, 80 in color, 8 1/2" x 11" / With 1997-98 price guide included in book.

National Imperial Glass Collector's Society, Edited by James Measell

Six years after collectors expanded their knowledge of Imperial glass with Volume II, Imperial Glass Encyclopedia, Volume III will encompass all remaining information. Readers will find the massively researched and documented third volume a must to complete their Imperial glass library. Imperial Glass Corporation, (1901-1984), had a long and prolific reign. Exactly 1,236 pieces of Imperial glass are pictured in color in this volume alone; the entire set displays more than 3,150 in color as well as many more in black and white. A cumulative index for all three volumes is included. Subjects are arranged alphabetically, so researchers will be able to locate their favorite type or piece easily, from Mint Green Satin to White Carnival Glass. Collectors may also focus on topics which receive special attention, such as Milk Glass and Slag Glass and items made for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

272 pages, 80 in color, 81/2"x11". 1999 Value Guide included.

Imperial Glass / 1966 Catalogue Reprint

Here are all the Imperial colors and patterns from the mid-1960s----slag, opalescent, milkglass, animals, stemware, Peachblow, Carnival, Candlewick, Cape Cod, and more. This catalog was reprinted by the National Imperial Glass Collector's Society.

68 pages, 27 in color, 8 1/2"x 11" With Price guide.

Imperial Carnival Glass / 1909 - 1930
Carl O. Burns

Finally, there is a collector book devoted entirely to this subject. Carl Burns' new full color reference book details all of the carnival glass patterns, shapes, and colors that were made by Imperial between 1909 and 1930. Beautiful color photos illustrate each pattern. There is a wide range of pieces, from the very common to the extremely rare, including many items documented and shown for the very first time. Original wholesale catalogs from the period also are featured. A much needed section outlines the reproduction carnival glass produced by Imperial between 1962 and 1982. Detailed information on the reproduction trademarks and how to tell the old from the new will prove valuable to the collector.

184 pages, full color, 8 1/2" x 11", Price guide in back.

Westmoreland Glass 1950 - 1984, Volume I
Lorraine Kovar

Since the Westmoreland factory closed in 1984, its products have grown in popularity with collectors. This book supplies background on this important company, founded in 1888, while focusing on the tableware patterns and colors made from 1950-1984. Included are original photos of glass and catalog reprints in both color and black & white. The book contains information on reproductions.

200 pages, 24 in color, 8 1/2" x 11"

Westmoreland Glass 1950 - 1984, Volume II
Lorraine Kovar

The first volume illustrates Westmoreland's patterns and colors. This book covers their decorated wares alphabetically from Almond Rose to Strawberry. Also considered are bells, candle lamps, covered animals, mustard, jars, miniatures and candy containers, decorator plates, cup plates, electric lamps, punch sets, and suncatchers. Hundreds of items appear in beautiful color.

120 pages, 40 in color, 8 1/2" x 11', With 28-page price guide

Westmoreland Glass 1888 - 1940, Volume III
Lorraine Kovar

Westmoreland Glass, Volume III takes an in-depth look at products manufactured between 1888 and 1940, including many from the Depression Glass era. The contents include a well-illustrated description of tableware patterns; chapters on cream and sugar sets, glass measures, mustard jars, marmalades, reamers, display racks, shelf supports, stands, card holders and aquariums; and a factory history with special emphasis on the decorating and engraving departments. In addition to black and white illustrations, hundreds of items appear in beautiful color photographs. A code number identifies every piece shown in the book. This number is consistent with those used in Volumes I and II, and is based, whenever possible, on actual Westmoreland line numbers.

272 pages 32 in color, 8 1/2" x 11", 1997-98 price guide included in book.

Westmoreland Glass (1889-1937)
Charles West Wilson

Westmoreland is said to be the most collectible glass on today's market, yet no source has been available on the earlier, unknown Westmoreland, and misinformation abounds. This reliable book has verified, documented facts and answers many questions. It tells the Westmoreland story of the first half century: the West Period (1889-1937) and later Brainard period from 1937. Collectors will find hundreds of beautiful full-color pictures, measurements, design origins, dates, early adds, catalog pages, drawings, promotional pictures, patents, marks and labels, and even early trade reports dating glassware and showing how it was regarded when it was introduced. There are current values, many pieces that have never been priced before, particularly the tableware lines.

Table of Contents