This official list of colors and molds was compiled in co-operation with Mrs Elizabeth Degenhart, Bernard M. Boyd, Mrs Erna Burris, Mrs Iona Norris, Paul R Miller and Jabe Tarter. The colors and molds are not in the order in which they were made but each mold belongs to Mrs Degenhart, owner of Oystal Art Glass.

1. PEACH-BLO-watery light pink crystal.

2. WILLOW GREEN-avocado color in crystal.

3. CRYSTAL-clear like water.

4. OPAL-like a fiery opal gem.

5. AMETHYST- like true amethyst stone in crystal.

6. VASELINE-has blue-green cast like old vaseline because of the use of uranium salts, will flouresce.

7. CROWN TUSCAN-light pink opaque, very light in color like the Cambridge crown tuscan color.

8. ROSE MARIE (named for Rose Presznick) rusty pink with amber cast.

9. CUSTARD DARK-dark yellow opaque like baked egg custard but more yellow.

10. CUSTARD LIGHT-light yellow like a true baked egg custard.

11. AMBERINA (Selenium)-orange red with parts of amber where it has been exposed to re-heating.

12. RUBY(Early)-made with oxides of gold with definate ruby color. RUBY(Late)-made with large amounts of Selenium and not exposed to re-heating, thereby all over ruby.

13. MINT GREEN-slightly lighter than emerald crystal.

14. DI-CHROMATIC-green with a definate blue cast, made by adding cobalt blue cullets to light green and pressing before it was completely mixed-crystal only, no opaques.

15. CHOCOLATE or CARMEL SLAG- like burnt toast or caramel colored candy in dark shade (opaque).

16. CUSTARD SLAG-mixture of custard, white in Opaque only.

17. WHITE OPAQUE or White Marble Milk-white glass with streaks of black amethyst running through.

18. MILK BLUE-opaque light blue like French Milk blue.

19. BROWN MAVERICK-amber crystal with custard within the body of the glass, lightly opaque.

20. FOREST GREEN-darkest green crystal, darker than emerald.

21. AMBER-clear dark amber but not as dark as a beer bottle.

22. SAPPHI RE-biue crystal light electric blue.

23. CARNIVAL: a-cobalt blue made by Joe St. Clair in 1970. / b-on cobalt blue made by Joe St. Clair in 1974 (NO owls). / c-on red made with oxides of gold by St. Clair in 1975. / d-on amethyst by Ron and Bob Hanson in 1969. / e-on amethyst, crystal and opaque white by Terry Crider in 1972, 1974 and 1975.

24. RUSINA-green shading to ruby and on to blue in copy of old Cambridge Rubina, in crystal-no opaques.

25. GREEN MAVERICK-green crystal with splinters of custard embedded.

26. BLOODY MARY-light from first batch of custard with overwash of tomato red.

27. BLOODY MARY-darker with almost completely covered with tomato red.

28. SLO ODY MARY CUSTARD-custard with tomato red covering all the piece with just a fraction of custard showing through.

29. COBALT-very dark crystal, almost black except when transilluminated.

30. COBALT-regular color of cobalt blue.

31. SLAG-mixture of custard, vaseline, caramel and red (opaque).

32. UNIQUE BLUE-almost the color of Carter's Ink in crystal.

33. ELIZABETH'S LIME ICE-crystal clear with green over like an ice cone with lime julip over it.

34. MEADOW G REEN-light green with a slight grey cast (crystal).

35. EMERALD GREEN-looks like an emerald in pure green (crystal).

36. MILK GLASS-opaque milk white.

37. PINE GREEN-A shade darker than meadow green but still light.

38. VIOLET No. 1-developed in 1972, a light crystal amethyst with a definate purple color, but very light. (in error called Desert Sun).

39. BLUE BELL-clear sky blue in crystal.

40. TAFFETA-dichromatic combination of amethyst and cobalt in streaks rather than mixed (crystal only).

41. VIOLET No. 2-darker than No. 38, but still with purple shade.

42. CONCORD GRAPE-looks like grapette or grape juice (crystal only).

43. HELIOTROPE-opaque lavendar of the Cambridge Glass Co.

44. VIOLET OPAQUE-like heliotrope but with a blue-purple cast, from a Cambridge Glass Co. formula.

45. LIGHT BLUE DICHROMATIC-blue mixed with caramel in opaque.

46. PE RS I MMON-orange shade resembling a ripe persimmon in color (crystal only).

47. SUNSET-amber with slight ruby case near bottom of pieces.

48. CHAMPAGNE-looks like ginger ale.

49. DESERT SUN-mixture of champagne and amberina through center.

50. JABE'S AMBER(Named for Jabe Tarter)- dark amber with red when transillu@ inated.

51. HONEY-amber crystal with dark honey shade.

52. BITTERSWEET-opaque with combi- nations of yellow and orange like the bittersweet of the plant.

53. LEMON CUSTARD-opaque like lemon frozen custard.

54. COBALT SLAG-cobalt crystal with slag running through it.

55. BLUINA-blue-gray color crystal (limited number made).

56. SURPRISE SPECIAL-opaque with colors of blue, chocolate, green and white opaques.

57. OPAL SLAG-opal glass with dark colors in bits here and there (opaque).

58. ELIZABETH'S DELIGHT-milk blue with green running through it, slag opaque.

59. BERNARD BOYD BLACK-crystal like black glass but a black blue rather than black amethyst (opaque).

60. DIRTY SALLY-opaque milkwhite with a slightly dirty off-white color.

61. SNOWY (called "snotty" by some)-crystal with a whisp of white cloud effect.

62. WILLOW BLLJE-soft blue-green with off green, crystal only (made 6/74).

63. ANGEL BLUE-darker than will blue but still quite light, crystal (made 6/74).

64. PIGEON BLOOD-bright red made with oxides of gold, crystal only.

65. HONEY-very light honey amber crystal.

66. HONEY VARIENT-light amber with streaks of red, crystal only.

67. SMOKEY-dark blue gray crystal.

68. DARK DICHROMATIC-dark blue-gray crystal.

69. DARKDICHROMATICSMOKEY-smokey green with a little red.

70. JIM DANDY-multi-colored slag glass (owls only with red,caramel, milk, pink and amber).

71. MEG (Margaret Elizabeth Degenhart)- multi-colored slag predominately red opaque.

72. HEATHERBLOOM-very light pink amethyst crystal.

73. CAMBRIDGE IVORY-opaque, looks like old ivory dresser sets or combs.

74. JADE-pure color of jade from Cambridge Glass Co formulas, opaque.

75. P & J (Paul and Jabe)-green opaque slag with bits of custard throughout.

76. COBALT No. 2-light colored cobalt crystal.

77. TIGER-Ivory opaque with dark tiger streaks.

78. GLOWING AMBER-crystal made with ingredients for amber on top of pigeon blood giving a reddish glow to the amber.

(Nos 79, 80 and 81 were made during the month of April, 1975future listings will include month each color was first made and in correct order.)

79. WONDER BLUE-like a batchelor button or cornflower blue opaque.

80. LAVENDAR BLUE-like a light heliotrope with a definate blue to the helio. (made owl, Forget-me-not toothpick and baby shoe) Opaque.

81. BLUE Fl RE-sapphire with milk glass through center.

On the following Pages is a more complete list of colors, dates and patterns made through 12176)


Beginning with the Alo. 82 "official color" all new colors and items made in each of those colors has been documented by Alma Collins, employee of the Crystal Art Glass Company.

82. IVORINE (May 12, 1975) = owl, hand, bell, Kat slipper, gypsy pot.

83. PINK LADY (May 19, 1975) = owl, bell, bird salt, heart toothpick.

84. LEMON CHIFFON (May 27, 1975) = owl, gypsy pot, bell.

85. LEMON OPAL (June, 1975) = owl, forget-me-not toothpick, bird salt, bell, 3" hen, heart toothpick, hand.

86. JADE (June 5, 1975) = owl only.

87. FROSTY JADE (June 9, 1975) = owl, bell, forget-me-not toothpick.

88. SEAFOAM (June 13, 1975) = owl, bell, heart toothpick.

89. MISTY GREEN (June 17, 1975) = owl, forget-me-not toothpick, bell.

90. LOUISE LAVENDAR (June 21, 1975) = named for Louise Boyd - owl only.

91. WANDA BLUE (June 23, 1975) = originally called "Blue Boy" (for first 3 days). Changed to honor Mrs Degenhart's nephew's wife, Wanda on the celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Made in the owl only.

92. JOE (June 30, 1975) = owl only.

93. SHELL (July 1, 1975) = owl only.

94. SMOKEY (July 2,1975) = owl only.

95. LEMONADE (July 3,1975) = owl only.- Numbers 82-95 are in opaque shades -

96. LIMEADE (July 3, 1975) = owls only. Vaseline - number 6 in official listing (July 21-Aug. 15, 1975) = most everything.

97. MOONGLO (August 18,1975) =owl only.

98. SHAMROCK (August 19, 1975) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, coasters, bells.

99. HOLLY GREEN (August 26, 1975) = owls, bird toothpick, candy dish, gypsy pot, beaded oval toothpick, Kat slipper, elephant, 3" hen.

100. GREEN SLAG (September 4, 1975) =owls only [opaque]

101. GRAY OLIVE SLAG (September 5, 1975) = owls only. [opaque]

102. DICKIE Bi RD (September 6, 1975) = owls only. [opaque brown] Cobalt - number 30 in official listing (September 8-9, 1975) = owls, bird tooth- pick, salt and peppers.

103. LIGHT COBALT (September 10, 1975) = owls only.

104. INDIGO (September 11, 1975) = owls only. Amethyst - number 5 in official listing (September 12, 1975) = 3" hens, gyps pot, Forget-me-not toothpick, Heart toothpick, owls, lamb, robbin, hand. Peach Blo - number I in official listing (September 18-October 8, 1975) = almost everything was made. Rose Marie - number 8 in official listing (October 8, 1975) = owl only.

105. CHAD BLUE (October 9, 1975) = owls only. Named after Chad Hawley [opaque turquoise] Milk Blue - number 18 in official listing (October 12, 1975) = owls, bells, bird salts, bow slippers, lambs, candy dish, forget-me-not tooth-pick, gypsy pot, heart toothpick. [opaque]

106. BLUE & WHITE SLAG (October 23,1975) = owl only [opaque]

107. MISTY BLUE (October 24, 1975) owls and bells only. [pale opaque]

108. PEARL GREY (October 27, 1975) owls, bells, forget-me-not toothpick, bird salts, beaded oval toothpick, baby shoe, coasters. [opaque]

109. OPALESCENT (November 3, 1975) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, Heart tooth-pick, gypsy pot, bells, turkey, large hen, 3" hen, candy dish, Kat slipper, bow slipper, bird salt, hands. [opaque]

110. OPAL VARI ENT (November 13, 1975) = owls only. [opaque] Nov. 17 to Dec. 3, 1975 = paperweights in crystal made Crystal - number 3 in official listing (December 3, 1975) = owls, candy dish, bow slippers, jewel box, bird toothpick and salt & peppers. Sapphire - number 22 in official listing (December B-9, 1975) = paperweights.(Dec. 10) = owls, Daisy and Button salts, Daisy and Button toothpick, mugs.

111. MIDNIGHTSUN(Decemberl3,1975)=owlsonly.

112. CHARTRUSE (December 16,1975) = owls only. Custard - number 10 in official listing (December 17, 1975) = owls, bells, bird salt, forget-me-not toothpick, jewel box, heart toothpick.

113. OPAL CUSTARD (December 23, 1975) = owls only. Dickie Bird - number 102 in official listing (December 24, 1975) = owls only.

114. WI LLOW GREEN (December 29, 1975) = owls only.

115. CHARCOAL (December 30, 1975) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, bells, 3" hens. Caramel - number 15 in official listing (January 7, 1976) = owls, bells, robins, bird salts, forget-me-not toothpick, 3" hens, lambs, turkeys, gypsy pots, jewel box, kat slipper, bow slipper, wines, beaded oval toothpick.

116. OPAL CARAMEL (January 22, 1976) = owls only [opaque]

117. SPICY BROWN (January 23, 1976) = owls only [opaque]

118. DARK PERSIMMON (January 26, 1976) = robins, dogs, bird salts, salt and peppers, bird toothpick, kat slipper, hands, jewel box, bells, tomahawks, gypsy pots, high boot, elephants. [owls were made in this color and called "Elizabeth's Gift" and offered for sale one day only on March 7, 1976 will all proceeds going to the Victim Assistance Program. Jabe Tarter, who works with the V.A.P. arranged for the special color owl.

119. BURNT PERSIMMON (February 9, 1976) = owls only.

120. GOLDEN GLO (February 12, 1976) = owls, dogs.

121. MAUVE (February 16, 1976) = owls, bells, dogs.

122. OLD LAVENDAR (February 18, 1976) = owls, dogs, bells, forget-me-not tooth-pick, robins, beaded oval toothpick, 311 hens, heart t.p.

123. ORCHID (February 26, 1976) = owls and dogs.

124. BLUE BI RD NO. 1 (March 1, 1976) = owls and dogs.

125. BLUE Bi RD NO. 2 (March 3, 1976) = owls, dogs, forget-me-not toothpicks, bells, 3" hens, heart toothpick, gypsy pots. Heatherbloom - number 72 in official listing (March 11, 1976) = owls, bells, bird salts. Crown Tuscan - number 7 in official listing (March 15, 1976) = owls, dogs, bird salts, forget-me-not toothpick, gypsy pot, hand, Kat slipper, bow slipper, candy dish, baby shoe, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper, Texas boot, heart toothpick, basket, 4-toe t.p.

126. TANGERINE (March 25, 1976) = owls and dogs only. Bittersweet - number 52 in official listing (March 29, 1976) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, robins, heart toothpick, bells.

127. APRIL DAY (April 1, 1976) = owls, dogs. - Paperweights made April 5-16, 1976 by Rollin Braden - Crystal - number 3 in official listing (April 16, 1976) = dogs, covered lambs.

128. CANARY (April 19, 1976) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, bird salt, dogs, bell, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper, jewel box, gypsy pot, robins, hands, lambs, 3" hens, kat slipper, bow slipper. Vaseline - number 6 in official listing (May 4, 1976) = owisi dogs, mugs, candy dish, hi boot, star and dewdrop toothpick, beaded oval toothpick, heart cup plate, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper, covered turkey, elephant, wines, tomahawk, daisy and button toothpick, forget-me-not toothpick, baby boot, jewel box, 5" hen, hands, bell, heart toothpick.

129. APPLE GREEN (May 20, 1976) = dogs and owls only.

130. LIGHT AMETHYST (May 25, 1976) owls, dogs, bow slipper, beaded oval t.p.

131. DARK ROSE MARIE (June 1, 1976) dolls, dogs, owls.

132. PINK (June 4, 1976) = dolls, dogs, owls.

133. LIGHT PINK (June 7, 1976) = owls, bells, forget-me-not toothpick, bird salts, heart toothpick, mugs, hand, candy dish, beaded oval t.p. Pink - number 133 in official listing (June 14, 1976) = gypsy pot, robin, lamb, daisy and button toothpick and salts, bow slippers, jewel box, bird toothpick, dogs, bird salt and pepper, kat slipper, hi boot. Rose Marie - number 8 in official listing (June 23, 1976) = dogs, dolls. Willow Blue (June 28, 1976) - number 62 in official listing = dolls, dogs, owls.

134. DEGENHART GREEN (July 1, 1976) = dolls only. Bernard Boyd Black - number 59 in official listing (July 2, 1976) = dogs, owls, dolls, bird salts, 3" hen, heart toothpick. (Closed for vacation July 9-30, 1976; new glass tank installed in early August, 1976) Amethyst - number 5 in official listing (August 16, 1976) = owls, heart toothpick, doll, daisy and button toothpick, daisy and button salts, star and dewdrop salt, turkey covered dish, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper.

135. TWILIGHT BLUE (August 23, 1976) = Heart jewel box, candy dish, forget-me-not toothpick. Cobalt - number 29 in official listing (August 26, 1976) = dog, cup plate, beaded oval toothpick, gypsy pot, turkey, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper, 3" hen, hand, candy dish, kat slipper, lamb, bow slipper, star and dewdrop salt.

136. PERIWINKLE (September 7, 1976) = doll, owl, dog, gypsy pot.

137. SMOKEY BLUE (September 13, 1976) = dog, doll. Amber - number 21 in official listing (September 16, 1976) = doll, dog. Milk Blue - number 18 in official listing (September 20, 1076) = doll, dog, heart toothpick, forget-me-not toothpick, 31' hen, turkey, bird salt, 5" hen, kat slipper, beaded oval toothpick, hand, star and dewdrop salt, candy dish, baby shoe, bow slipper, bird toothpick, bird salt and pepper, jewel box, gypsy pot, wines, daisy and button toothpick, daisy and button salts, cup plate.

138. DAFFODIL (October 6, 1976) = dogs, doll, owls, forget-me-not tp., bird salt.

139. APRIL GREEN (October 12, 1976) = dog, doll, owl, jewl box, hands, bird salts, forget-me-not toothpick, 311 hen, heart toothpick.

140. MAUVE 2 (October 20, 1976) = dog, doll.

141. ORCHID SLAG (October 25, 1976) = forget-me-not toothpick, bird salt. Green Slag - number 100 in official listing (October 26, 1976) = kat slippers, forget=me-not toothpick.

142. FAWN (October 27, 1976) = dog, doll, jewel box, bird salt, robbin, gypsy pot, beaded oval toothpick, daisy and button toothpick, bow slipper.

143. SNOW WHITE (November 4,1976) = doll, dog. Crystal - number 3 in official listing (November 8, 1976) = paperweights through Nov. 19, 1976; doll, bird salt and pepper, dog, beaded oval t.p. Snow White - number 143 in official listing (November 29, 1976) = dog, jewl box, star and dewdrop salt. Snow White - number 143 in official listing (December 1, 1976) = owls, forget-me-not toothpick, heart toothpick, lamb, gypsy pot. Daffodil - number 138 in official listing (December 6, 1976) = owl, dog, heart toothpick, gorget-me-not toothpick, turkey, bird salt.

144. DAFFODIL SLAG (December 10, 1976) = dog.

145. OPAL GREEN SLAG (December 13, 1976) =Crown Tuscan - number 7 in official listing (December 14, 1976) = dog, doll, bird salt, forget-me-not toothpick, bird salt and pepper, bird toothpick, gypsy pot, robin, turkey, hand, heart toothpick, bow slipper, kat slipper, 311 hen, star and dewdrop salt, jewel box, cup plate. [this color made through Christmas]

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