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by: John Valentine

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This is the story of "MIMI" Incorporated of Columbus, Ohio. The business started early in December of 1973 and then a short time after in December of 1975 they closed.

The company got their name "MIMI" from quite a young looking grandmother, Mrs. Charles Stone, whose grandchildren nicknamed her "MIMI." Charles who was the husband, after working as an auctioneer and building contractor, decided to start a business in distributing glass ware, thinking that his business would be carried on by his daughters.

The glass ware that was distributed was very limited, these items included: The Farm Yard or as some called it the Busy Chicken bowl that was pressed by the Fenton Art Glass Company from a original mould that was made in Cambridge. This mould that was made from the original cost $2,300.00. The bowl was to be limited to 5000 but only 1000 were actually made. Even before the first bowl was made the Stones had invested over $10,000.00 in the project. The Stones had encountered a great deal of objections from owners of the old or classic carnival Farm Yard pattern bowls. But there was quite a distinction between that of the old or classic and the new or contemporary that was reproduced. The bowls had the new type of iridescence and were trade marked on the back on the base "MIMI." The Stones were not out to deceive anyone by reproducing this pattern they only wanted to produce more of something beautiful. The bowls were first advertised in the Antique Trader as new for $47.50. The actual production of the Farm Yard Bowl included 500 with amberina base glass with a marigold iridescence which was made in 1973. The 500 in amethyst carnival was made in 1974.

There were also a total of only 500 plates made from the same mould. This included 250 in the orange carnival with the marigold iridescence made in 1974 and 250 in the amethyst carnival also made in the same year. They had hoped that the plate would be better accepted because there was none of the Farm Yard Pattern plates made in the old or classic carnival glass.

There was a time that a Cobalt Blue bowl was also produced. But it is reported that the bowl was made by Mosser rather than Fenton. The bowl still carries the "MIMI" trade mark, but there are very few of these known.

The pattern that can be found on the back of the Farm Yard bowls and plates is called "Jeweled Heart."

The other item that the Stones reproduced from an old mold was the "Elk Paperweight." The paperweights were reproduced in amethyst carnival and very few were made in the red carnival. The paperweights were made by the St. Clair Glass Company, only the amethyst carnival were trade-marked, the red carnival ones were not. The reason these were not trade-marked was because there were so few made.

The values on the above "MIMI" glass items are as follows:
Farm Yard Bowl, Amberina carnival  $95.00 - $150.00
Farm Yard Bowl, Amethyst carnival  $125.00 - $150.00
Farm Yard Bowl, Cobalt Blue carnival  $155.00 - $170.00
Farm Yard 10" - 11" flat plate, Orange carnival  $150.00 - $200.00
Farm Yard 10" - 11" flat plate, Amethyst carnival  $150.00 - $200.00 (Picture Above)

Elk Paperweight, Amethyst carnival $55.00 - $75.00
Elk Paperweight, Red carnival  $75.00 - $125.00

The Farm Yard mould was bought by Singleton Bailey back in the early 1980's, and he has reproduced many different colors and in many different shapes. All items in the Farm Yard pattern now being reproduced by Fenton for Singleton are trade marked on the back base <DBS>.

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