fen3483rn.jpg (16167 bytes)"CACTUS"

Made by Fenton For Levay Glass

The spellbinding beauty of Fenton's timeless "RED SUNSET CARNIVAL" collection was sure to please all collectors of fine American made glass of the past. The Sunset Carnival collection was introduced between March & April of 1982. The "Cactus" pattern glass was made by Fenton in a limited number for Levay Glass. From the covered cracker jar to the ladies cuspidor the ageless artistry is recreated for the collectors of generations to come. All the pieces in the collection do have the Fenton trade mark.


Remember that this is guide, not a final word, and while a piece may be rare in one part of the country, it is likely to be some what common in another.


#3407RN, Cactus 7 piece water set. The water pitcher was made from the cracker jar base. $475.00 - $550.00

#3408RN, Cactus covered sugar, and open creamer. $125.00 - $155.00 Set

#3426RN, Cactus, Ladies Cuspidor $75.00 - $125.00

#3427RN, Cactus, Gentleman's Spittoon $75.00 - $125.00

#3429RN, Cactus, footed double crimped compote $65.00 - $95.00

#3431RN, Cactus, 10" Double crimped cracker basket with ribbed handle $150.00 - $185.00

#3432RN, Cactus, Pie crust crimp, Banana Basket with looped, ribbed handle $200.00 - $245.00

#3433RN, Cactus, Double crimped, bowl shape basket, with ribbed handle. $160.00 - $195.00

#3434RN, Cactus, Double crimped 10" vase basket, with ribbed handle. $125.00 - $150.00

#3436RN, Cactus, 7 1/2" Double crimped basket, with looped ribbed handle. $135.00 - $165.00

#3441RN, Cactus, Double crimped Jack-N-Pulpit Vase. $95.00 - $125.00

#3463RN, Cactus, Cruet $150.00 - $175.00

#3480RN, Cactus, Covered Cracker Jar $135.00 - $195.00

#3483RN, Cactus, 9" Swung Vase $225.00 - $255.00

#3495RN, Cactus, Toothpick $40.00 - $60.00

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