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Imperial Rarities

By: John Valentine

The values on the below items can be found in the colors section of Imperial Glass
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Human Service Insulators

This threadless hat style Insulator was made by the Imperial Glass Corporation in 1971 and was limited to 2,514 of each made. It was sold by the Columbus Council of the Telephone Pioneers of America to raise funds for a Human Service Project. The top of the insulator has a No. 1 with the (IG) Imperial Glass trade mark. The front skirt is embossed with the logo of the Telephone Pioneers of America marking the 60th Anniversary of the organization. The two carnival colors that can be found are Rubigold (marigold) and Peacock (smoke). There were other colors but not carnival. These are not real easy to find.


This was one of the most prized and collectible adornments for the collector's shelf or the hostess' table. Its intricate grape pattern designed is highlighted with the shimmering iridescence of the Horizon Blue Carnival Finish. Lenox Imperial Glass offered this exquisite 11 piece punch set in a very limited edition of only 750 sets, and each set was individually numbered. The only way to qualify for this limited edition punch set at the time was to order an assortment of the (no.42001) Horizon Blue Carnival totaling $405.00 Retail or make up your own assortment from either or the both Horizon Blue or Pink Carnival totaling a minimum of $405.00 Retail. For each $405.00 in orders you could order one punch set. The punch set at the time sold for a very special price of $95.00. The punch set if it was offered in their regular line would have sold for $125.00 retail. The set was offered to the Imperial Dealers only on a first come first served basis.

Imperial Hark The Herald Angels Sing Plate Imperial Hark The Herald Angels Sing Plate

8 3/4" Christmas Plate

The 8 3/4" Christmas Plate was made by Arthur Lorch Imperial Glass (ALIG). This was the beginning of another set of Christmas plates by Imperial Glass. This series was to be called the "Christmas Carols Plates Collection". The No. 1 plate that produced was "Hark The Herald Angels Sing". Sad enough this was the first and the last plate ever made in the series. The plate was to be Ultra Blue Carnival, but never went into full production, it is believed that the White Carnival one was a sample color that even less were made. Each plate has 3 Angels on the front and below the Angels the words "HARK THE HERALD ANGLES SING". The plate has a boarder of Holly Leaves and berries. The back of the plate has the (ALIG) trade mark, dated 1982, and signed Christmas Carols Plate No.1.

Imperial Pink Carnival Daisy & Button Wisk Broom

Daisy & Button Wall Pocket

The Daisy & Button Wisk Broom wall pocket was never in the regular line of pink carnival. This is a sample that was made. It is unknown exactly how many of these were made. But it was less than a half a turn. When Lenox Imperial made the wall pockets they left the (IG) Imperial Glass trademark in the mould, it was not changed due to the fact it was never put into full production. If you find one of these you are lucky.






Imperial Carnival Glass Imperial Carnival Glass Imperial Carnival Glass

Sample 10 1/2" Roses Plates

The three 10 1/2" Roses plates pictured above were made by Imperial in milkglass with carnival overspray. The above plates were commissioned by Sears & Roebuck Company. The plates and many of the other pieces that were made as samples in the milkglass with the overspray never made it to full production. Sears had turned down the order, due to the fact that the buyer did not like the color variations. The glass that was made was sold in the gift shop at Imperial. As you can see there were three color variations made. The first plate on the left was done with the Rubigold (marigold) carnival overspray, the plate in the middle was done with the combination of Rubigold & Peacock (smoke) carnival overspray, and the plate on the right was done with the Peacock (smoke) carnival overspray. The three samples of this 10 1/2" Roses plate are very rare and are sought after by many plate collectors. You are lucky if you have them as part of your collection.

Imperial Carnival Glass #404 - Limited Edition Cracker Jar

This very beautiful 9 1/2" tall "Hob Star" Varient handled cracker Jar was made for Levay Glass in the Rubigold (marigold) carnival. The cracker jar was a limited edition of 500 pieces, each one was signed by Levay Glass Company, dated 1977, and sequentially numbered. It also has the "IG" trademark on both the top and the bottom. This piece is another hard to find item of Imperial Glass.





Imperial Carnival Glass

Limited Edition Dolphin Candle Holders

This was originally a Cambridge mold and pattern. The 9" tall Dolphin Candle holders were made for Levay Glass in Rubigold (marigold) carnival. There were only 250 each made, they were all sequentially numbered and dated 1978. The Dolphin candle holder had the Imperial (IG) mark on the bottom center, you will also find etched on the bottom Levay's signature the date and the number of that holder. The Dolphin Candle Holders are certainly a rare find. If you are lucky to have a set, the value is very high on todays market.



Imperial Carnival Glass Limited Edition Daisy Vase

The Daisy Vase was a limited edition made for Rose Presznick in the amber carnival. The vase was made from the exact mold that the Daisy Basket was made from. The height of the vase is 5 1/4" ,some may very in height and the shape of the top. All the vases once belonged to Rose at one time. It is really unknown how many were actually produced. It is said that there was only a half a turn made. A guess would be less than 100 are out there. The (IG) trade mark is on the outside bottom in the center, as for the color and iridescence it was outstanding and a beautiful piece to add to any collection.


Imperial Carnival Glass Amethyst Rarities Imperial Amethyst Carnival Zodiac Open Compote

The two pieces of Imperial Amethyst carnival with the most out standing electric iridescence that are pictured above were limited editions. Both pieces were made in 1969 and as far as I know these were the only two pieces of amethyst made during this time.

The amethyst 10 1/2" Nation’s Capital plate was made for E Ward Russell's club that he had started, which was the Nation’s Capital Carnival Glass Club. The plate has the Nation’s Capital and shows the dates of 1964-1969, also has E.W.R. and L.J.K. on the face, the back is stippled and marked with the (IG) trademark. This plate was limited to 200.

The amethyst Zodiac open compote was another piece that was limited and made for E.Ward Russell. Ward had said that there were 13 of these made and they were made one time that he was visiting the factory. They had asked him what he would like and he picked out the Zodiac open compote. This piece is marked with an IG on the bottom, but you will find some that are not marked.

These pieces will be considered as rare and hard to find in Carnival Glass. The amethyst color is very dark which can not be seen through and the iridescence is what you could call radium.

A very special thanks to Ward and Evelyn Russell for the information.

Pink Carnival Samples

The two rare pieces of Pink Imperial carnival glass that are pictured above are samples, and considered a value to anyone's collection.

Imperial Pink Carnival Grape Wine

The Imperial Grape wine glasses are one of the hard to come by pieces of Imperial glass. They were made as samples and it is unknown if there were any wine bottles made to match. There are only 24 known wines that were made. These are marked with the Imperial (IG) trademark.


 Imperial Pink Carnival Windmill Plate

The Imperial 9 1/2" Windmill plate is another sample piece of Imperial pink carnival. It is unknown how many were actually made, I know of 4 of them, and they all were sold at the time Imperial had their vault sale. The plate had a stippled back and does not have the Imperial Trademark. The plate is a very rare find.




A special thanks to Ray Reichard and Bob Thistle for the valuable information on the Pink Carnival Imperial Rarities.

Imperial Meadow Green Carnival Donkey & Elephant Donkey / Elephant & Grape Salt and Peppers

The three Meadow green carnival pieces that are pictured above were limited editions. These pieces were made between 1980-1981.

 The Donkey & Elephant were made from the Heisey mould, they both were marked with "LIG" and numbered. These two limited editions could only be bought by a qualifying dealer if he purchased $500.00 or more of the Meadow green carnival glass. The Donkey & Elephant were limited to 750 each.


Imperial Meadow Green Tall Grape Salt & Pepper Set  The tall Grape Salt and Pepper were not in the regular line of Meadow green carnival. This was a sample production run for this pattern. They were limited to 26 1/2 pairs made and they were not marked. All 26 1/2 pairs were sold at the vault sale when Imperial was selling out.



A very special thanks to Ray Reichard for the information on the Meadow Green Imperial Rarities.

Imperial Pink Carnival Homestead Plate Limited Edition Homestead Plate
Pink Carnival

This 10 1/2" Homestead plate #42400 was made by Lenox Imperial in Pink Carnival. This plate was a limited production run of only 1,500 pieces. The plate was made for the dealers who would purchase $400.00 or more of the Pink Carnival glass. Each plate was issued with a certificate of authenticity signed by the vice president of marketing H.J. Oppermann. Also each plate's number appeared on the certificate as well as being etched on the base of the plate.

Imperial Carnival Cruets Limited Edition Cruets

Here are some more examples of limited edition Imperial glass. There were many companies and individuals that contracted Imperial to make special pieces of glass for them. Most of this glass was made in very limited numbers and in a special color. It was also never to be reproduced in that color or that pattern again.

The two cruets pictured above were made for Levay Glass by Imperial Glass Company. The cruets were limited to 300 each, signed Levay, dated 1977 and numbered. The cruet on the left is the Imperial Old Williamsburg pattern, and the cruet on the right is the Imperial Cape Cod pattern. Both cruets stand 7 inches tall and are iridized in the marigold carnival color. The stoppers for both cruets were also iridized in the marigold carnival. If you are lucky enough to come across anyone of the cruets, they make a beautiful edition to any collection.

Imperial Carnival GlassImperial Carnival Glass

Hobnail Bell / Mistake Chrysanthemum Plate

The two pieces of White carnival that are pictured above were limited. The pieces were made between 1974-1976.

 The Hobnail bell was a sample piece. This was not pictured and it was not listed in their regular run of white carnival. The bell is marked with the IG mark at the top just below the large row of hobs where you hold it. It is unknown how many were actually produced.

The Chrysanthemum or Mum 10 1/2" plate with a mistake. The mistake was on the back of the plate. Apparently Imperial after making a run of the series America The Beautiful #5 plate, they started to make the Mum plate, they had forgot to take the back off. So Imperial made a Mum plate that reads America the Beautiful #5 on the back. Also the word ImpERial appears as shown here on the back. The reason for the two big letters ER, they stand for E. Russell.

It is also unknown how many of the plates with the mistake were made.

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