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Amethyst Carnival Made for Levay Glass


by: John Valentine

This is one very beautiful vase in Amberina Carnival that was made by Smith Glass Company in February of 1976. The 9" tall Ohio Star Vase was produced exclusively for Cherished Glass Wares. This limited edition vase was to be limited to 286 pieces under an agreement that Cherished Glass Wares had with Smith. During this time of agreement there was a change in management, and the vase was included in the 1978 catalog as part of the newly introduced Amberina Carnival Glass line. The mistake was caught quickly, only 314 were produced with 74 getting out into the field. Cherished Glass Wares purchased the balance of the 240, rather than requesting that they be destroyed. This left a grad total of only 600 produced. Making this vase to be a highly collectable piece now and in the future.

The Ohio Star Vase was also produced prior to 1976 in the following colors in their regular line; Amethyst, Green, Amber and Crystal Lustre. This was vase was also produced in 1976 in an outstanding Ice Blue that was made for Levay Glass and was limited to only 227.
Value $125.00 - $175.00

Smith Daisy & Button VaseDAISY & BUTTON VASE

by: John Valentine

Another very beautiful vase in Amberina Carnival made by Smith Glass exclusively for Cherished Glass Wares. The only reason that this vase was ever made was because of the above Amberina Carnival Ohio Star Vase. It was made as a  replacement for the customers who had received the Ohio Star Vase. The customer was allowed to keep the Ohio Star Vase only because of the mistake that was made during the production. Had this mistake never happen the Daisy & Button Vase would not be in existence today inasmuch as this mould was buried in the old archives. This vase was limited to 314 produced to make sure that there would be a sufficient replacements for the Ohio Star Vase. During this time of negotiations, the President Mr. Robert M. Guinessey of Smith sent every customer a personal letter describing the Daisy & Button Vase. In one of the paragraphs it reads: "The No.4666 vase was formed in the "Daisy and Button" pattern, the American origin of which some experts attribute to Gillinder and Sons of Philadelphia. They exhibited a variety of pieces featuring this motif at the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876."

This vase is 6 sided and 10" tall with 4 panels with a Flower pattern on each.

You can consider yourself very lucky to have one of these vases in your collection today.
Todays value on this vase $250.00 - $300.00


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